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Wutong Perfume has a powerful research and development team constituted by 1 expert enjoying the State Council Special Allowance, 66 professional researchers, and 15 external professors and experts. We promote new products, develop new technology. Our company has developed all-around product research and application technique of perfume and medical intermediate. We always produce new products on market demand. Since establishment, we have developed over 150 projects. Product structure has been transformed from heterocycle and sulfur-containing perfume to large amount of synthetic perfume. In field of down-stream products and medical intermediate of veratraldehyde, we have great advantages in whole world. Meanwhile, we assist research institutes to gain technical breakthrough in aspects of pyridine, cyanopyridine and other important organic intermediates. Based on strong research strength, Wutong Perfume has developed products in 9 series, cyanopyridine series, thiazole series, furan series, pyrrole series, thiophene series, pyridine series, sulfur-containing series, aldehyde ketone series and other small organic molecule series, in over 200 varieties, covering 3 fields, including, perfume, medical intermediate and pesticide intermediate. There are more than 20 new products under research or reserved. 

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